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Josh Larsen

Mental Health Therapist

Josh has been with Love the Journey since March 2020. Josh earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies and Camping Ministries. He graduated from Walden University in August of 2019 with a Master of Arts in Social Work Degree and is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker.

Areas of Expertise

Individual Counseling
Child's Therapy
Grief Counseling
Depression/Anxiety Counseling
Trauma Counseling


Josh has spent many years of his life working with youth and kids in a camp settings and residential facilities. His upbringing grounded him with strong Christian principles leading him to serve in ministry. Josh has a desire for working with youth and families who have been through trauma, and he desires to help develop skills needed to deal with what is being experienced. He also has a passion for adoption and helping families on their journey with adoption.

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