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Maryann Stoeckel, LADC, LPCC

Maryann joined Love the Journey's team in 2022.


Meet Nova! She is a Certified Therapy Dog, who is gentle, calming, loving, has amazing senses when someone is struggling and is driven to help/work with people, as much as I am. I personally have had a long-time dream/goal of incorporating an animal assisted therapy dog/therapy dog into my practice, as a therapist. I feel guided to be a beacon of hope to help people to recover from/better cope with health problems, such as mental health disorders, addictions, medical conditions and trials in life; by providing animal assisted therapy/pet therapy. I have witnessed first-hand the miracle of combining evidence-based therapy approaches, along with animal assisted therapy/pet therapy. This approach has additional therapeutic benefit that also adds an additional sweet demeanor and unconditional love for those who face difficult challenges/trials. This includes helping a person to increase their joy, decreased anxiety and depression, improve outlook on life, decease loneliness and isolation, reducing boredom, helping to learn nurturing and social skills, increased self-esteem, improving interactions with others, increasing verbal communication, motivating willingness and exercise.


My Story

Clinical Interests:
I have a passion to walk with you (ages 5+) on your journey, to assist you with your Health Goals, Spiritual Goals, Professional Goals, Financial Goals, Marriage Goals, Family/Friend Goals, Personal Growth Goals and Contribution/lLife’s Mission Goals, while being a service to you with a wide variety of mental health diagnoses. This includes, but is not limited to: substance use/addictions, eating disorders, self-esteem, stress management, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, co-occurring disorders, grief/loss, spirituality and many other diagnoses and life trials.

Clinical Approach:
I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches such as: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy(BDT), Experiential Therapy, Psychotherapy, Holistic, and many others approaches that are tailored for you. I comprehend that recovery is a journey, that may require “Baby Steps”, to reach your goals. My dedication and passion are to assist you, as best as I can on your life’s journey. This entails walking with you; to assist you to “Create That Life Worth Living” and to “Unleash Your Joy”. In-addition, you may even discover, “What you are most afraid of doing, is the very thing that will set you free".


Personal Interests:
I embrace life with spirituality, as my foundation, which assists me with my self-care and things that bring me joy. Self-care/Things that bring me joy include: Spending time with family and friends, fishing/boating, hunting, gardening, ATV riding, motorcycle rides, kickboxing, exercising, traveling, being in nature, music, dancing, prayer and meditation, crafts, being around fur-babies(animals), helping others and recovery.

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